Notice of change in management

Torsten Locke

Torsten Locke

Everything flows, everything is in motion – as well as our activities and our staff.

Motions always involve changes.

One of these changes also occurred to our management at the beginning of this year.

On March 21th Mr. Torsten Locke succeeded Mr. Stephan Junker in its capacity as managing director of the S-Tec GmbH.

Mr. Torsten Locke, former project manager at our sister company H+E GmbH in Stuttgart, was responsible for national and international customers from food industry, paper and pulp industry, as well as solar and semiconductor.

Therefore we continuously benefit of his extensive and valuable experience in our versatile business areas. By hiring of Mr. Torsten Locke we won an acknowledged and innovative expert as managing director of the S-Tec GmbH.

Mr. Torsten Locke is willing to approach this task of great responsibility with motivation and the necessary respect.

Shareholders and employees of the S-Tec GmbH have confidence in the capabilities of the new managing director and wish him good luck and a lot of energy for his new important function.